Rasciana (rasciana) wrote in cheetah_love,

My Intro/ Hello!

Hi, my name is Rasciana, I'm almost 30, and I live with my husband and 2 year old daughter in Ohio, and I've been a lover of cheetahs ever since I was an adolescent or a child [its been so long ago I don't exactly remember when my love of them started, lol].  I once even had my boyfriend [now husband] and I have a zoo themed driving vacation where we drove back and forth through eastern US states hitting any zoo we came accross, just so I had as many chances to see cheetahs [and other wild cats too] as possible.  My kitchen has a cheetah theme, as I have an awesome cheetah sculpture, and a tiny cheetah miniature that my hubbie was nice enough to paint for me as a present, on our kitchen mantle, and then I have cheetah placemats on our dinning room table, that were a present from my SIL.  When I get around to putting it up I also got a cheetah crossing sign for my kitchen as well.  If I ever thought that I could make it through college to get a degree [I have a really bad stress disorder, so going to school or work is all but impossible for me], I'd really love to get a biology degree so that I could work at a zoo that has cheetahs, and be the zoo keeper to the cheetahs.  When I watch them running, or doing just about anything else, I feel almost in a trance, as they are such beautifull, stunning, animals *sighs*. 

I look forward to being a part of this group! 

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