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YAY! Cheetah Cubs born!!

Another litter of cheetahs born at the National Zoo!

A litter of five cheetahs was born at the National Zoo on Thursday, April 14. This is the second litter of cheetahs ever born at the National Zoo—the first litter was born in November 2004.

The litter and mother are not on public exhibit. Zoo staff are closely monitoring the group during these first few weeks, which are critical for this first-time mother and cubs.

For more info on the National Zoo itself.. National Zoo Homepage or to watch last years cheetah cubs.. Cheetah Cub Cam

I am so happy to here this about my totem animal. They are endangered in the wild even to hear of a zoo born litter, it helps keep the spieces alive, it's all a part ofthe preservation of a beautiful animal.
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