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cheetah_love's Journal

The adoration of the cheetah
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Welcome to the first and only community on livejournal donated to the fabulous cheetah.
Cheetahs are sort of hard to find, as most attention is given to jaguars and leopards.
Of course most people can't tell the difference in the first place!

Share news, pictures, art, whatever you would like as long as it's dealing with the cheetah.
I only really have two rules:
+ Keep on topic.
+ Put big ass pictures behind lj cuts.

It would be nice to make an introductory post if you join telling a little bit about yourself and your love of the world's fastest land animal. Chances are, you're a crazy cheetah lady (man) just like me who wonders about all the others.

Moderated by: </a></b></a>melaloloev.
I'm always eager to make friends with fellow cheetah lovers. Comment if you need anything!