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The adoration of the cheetah's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The adoration of the cheetah

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cheetah for everyone! [18 Feb 2009|12:21am]


hi everyeone!
its nice to met a lot of cheetah fans! 
here you can see 4 moscow spotty cats on the web cam.
now its snow, but sometimes cheetah go for a walk across their open-air cage


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[26 Jul 2007|12:06am]

hi, does anyone here have any experience volunteering with cheetahs? ive really been trying to find a good program to get some hands on volunteer experience with some. after looking all over, i found this program which seems to be a little cheaper and lets you work really close with the animals. i have worked in a wildlife refuge before but never with cheetahs. ive never done a program like this and i know that you have to be careful youre not getting ripped off. but this seems legit to me. has anyone heard of this program or know of a good one?


i REALLY want to volunteer with cheetahs in the serengeti...that would be my dream. but i cant find anything like that ANYWHERE. i know the serengeti wildlife center and national park and all that- there seems to be tons of opportunities to go on safari and sight see, but no opportunities to help care for any animals. well, any input would be amazing! thanks a lot
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Name a cheetah cub! [26 May 2007|08:29pm]

Wildlife Safari is naming two cheetah cubs by auction on Ebay. This is a great way to support conservation and Wildlife Safari. Wildlife Safari has produced more cheetah cubs than any other facility in the western hemisphere. Wildlife Safari is a non-profit corporation and all bids or donations are tax deductible. There are some extras too, such as getting to meet our ambassador cheetah. Please visit our ebay auction item at:


Or search for "cheetah cub name" on ebay.

To make this work we need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please re-post this bulletin.

You can see photos of the cubs at the two links below:
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Anyone Out There??? [14 Sep 2006|10:30am]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

Okay...I have been a member of this community since I started my LJ back in June...Why is it that not a single person posts anything or comments on anything here. Do we need to have something major happen before anything is posted to this site??

I would hope that everyone that has any desire to save the Cheetahs would keep this community going...

Any comments from the others that are part of this Community??? Please do not let me think I am the only one who cares!!!

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Hello! [28 Jul 2006|07:46pm]

Hi folks.

I recently updated my profile to add the Cheetah Conservation Fund to my list of interests and then stumbled over this group and thought I ought to join up.

I was fortunate enough to see a number of cheetahs in the wild last summer and my current userpic is from one of my photographs taken in the Serengeti. They really are beautiful animals and although I must admit to having a slight preference for leopards among the big cats, cheetahs are a very close second.

Back to the CCF however. I don't know if you are aware, but there are many opportunities to volunteer with the CCF via the charity Earthwatch. I've signed up to go out to Namibia and work at CCF headquarters for a fortnight this November. If I get the chance then I'll be updating my journal while out there - you are most welcome to have a read when the time comes. If I don't have Internet access then I'll post pictures when I get back.
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Cheetahs Rock [08 Jun 2006|08:28am]

[ mood | thankful ]

Hello there... I am new to LJ and I was looking through your site thought I would drop in and be a part of the community.  I am glad to see that there are more people like myself that love the cheetah and want to do more for them.

I think they are the best of the large cats.  I would love to be able to obtain more pictures of them.  If anyone has any they can give let me know.


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Duma a hard sell, WB shelves it, critic tries to save it [25 Aug 2005|12:23pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Will Warners Bros.' new family film 'Duma' prove strong enough to succeed - even on a small budget? By Glenn Whipp, Staff writerCollapse )

Personal note: I love movies like this, I loved The Black Stallion, and Fly Away Home. Then you have films like Two Brothers, Cheetah, Milo and Otis, all films with same theme that I love. I am one veiwer in a millon, but it goes to show you that people do still enjoy these types of films. In fact, I think I will write to the director and thank him for his work and let him know there are still people in world who enjoy these kinds of films.

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Cheetah Cub Cam update [26 May 2005|09:07am]

[ mood | cheetah-riffic ]

We can now watch the April litter of cheetah cubs born at Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Cheetah Cub Cam


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Introduction.. [17 Apr 2005|09:21pm]

[ mood | content ]


Hello I am Uluru, I have always loved cheetahs. Since I was a young girl, when my parents took all us kids to the zoo, first to see had to be the cheetahs. I am also 'Furry'. I have two furry personalities, one a cheetah called Duma Tau (pronnounced DOO-mah TAH-oo) and the other a sabretooth white lioness called Uluru Desta. I am a practising witch, my beliefs lie somewhere between wicca/pagan/ shamanism. Cheetah is one of my totem animals. I have two indoor tomcats, Puzzle and Maven, who are my babies.. They are littermates and were born on Sept. 12th, 2002. I live with my cats and my buddhist husband (salith) in Sheffield, England.

Cheetahs are so beautiful, thier slender body, their spotted fur. Their face markings, but most of all it is what they can do for me spiritually. Cheetah's Wisdom InfoCollapse )

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reply or read my user info page.. :)

Blessings to all..

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YAY! Cheetah Cubs born!! [17 Apr 2005|07:57am]

[ mood | content ]

Another litter of cheetahs born at the National Zoo!

A litter of five cheetahs was born at the National Zoo on Thursday, April 14. This is the second litter of cheetahs ever born at the National Zoo—the first litter was born in November 2004.

The litter and mother are not on public exhibit. Zoo staff are closely monitoring the group during these first few weeks, which are critical for this first-time mother and cubs.

For more info on the National Zoo itself.. National Zoo Homepage or to watch last years cheetah cubs.. Cheetah Cub Cam

I am so happy to here this about my totem animal. They are endangered in the wild even to hear of a zoo born litter, it helps keep the spieces alive, it's all a part ofthe preservation of a beautiful animal.

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My Intro/ Hello! [20 Feb 2005|07:49pm]


Hi, my name is Rasciana, I'm almost 30, and I live with my husband and 2 year old daughter in Ohio, and I've been a lover of cheetahs ever since I was an adolescent or a child [its been so long ago I don't exactly remember when my love of them started, lol].  I once even had my boyfriend [now husband] and I have a zoo themed driving vacation where we drove back and forth through eastern US states hitting any zoo we came accross, just so I had as many chances to see cheetahs [and other wild cats too] as possible.  My kitchen has a cheetah theme, as I have an awesome cheetah sculpture, and a tiny cheetah miniature that my hubbie was nice enough to paint for me as a present, on our kitchen mantle, and then I have cheetah placemats on our dinning room table, that were a present from my SIL.  When I get around to putting it up I also got a cheetah crossing sign for my kitchen as well.  If I ever thought that I could make it through college to get a degree [I have a really bad stress disorder, so going to school or work is all but impossible for me], I'd really love to get a biology degree so that I could work at a zoo that has cheetahs, and be the zoo keeper to the cheetahs.  When I watch them running, or doing just about anything else, I feel almost in a trance, as they are such beautifull, stunning, animals *sighs*. 

I look forward to being a part of this group! 

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[02 Oct 2004|09:19am]

I'm not accustomed to doing "Hi, I'm Phil and these are my interests."

Uh, I'm not Phil, but from a very young age I was obsessed with the cheetah. It seemed almost heavenly the way it ran and was so beautiful (not to mention cubs that make my heart mealt). This sounds a bit stupid, but I'm kind of like the cheetah in that I can run incredibly fast for half a minute or so before I exhaust myself, but WOW, in that half minute, I always pull way ahead of the other runners (then I fall behind and usually get second because I'm too tired to keep going).

So, er, GO CHEETAHS! *cough*
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Introductions [25 Sep 2004|10:26am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Heyo. My name is Tom, I am 18 years old, and I live in Colorado, USA. Cheetahs have always been my favorite animal, and I used to have an imaginary cheetah that has recently decided to show up again recently as a guide in my life and my spirituality. My beliefs are similar to wiccan beliefs, and I feel a HUGE connection with cheetahs. I'm not sure what else to write... I've very open and willing to talk to people about anything.

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[20 Aug 2004|09:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Well it occured to me that I didn't actually say much about myself in the last post, hehe so I'll say it now. I'm 21 and next year I'm going to uni (again ... long story) to study animal management with the hope of landing a zookeeping job somewhere (hopefully keeping big cats) Ultimatly what I want to do is work with the big cats in Africa or somewhere, but for the time being I'll be happy with zookeeping ;)

If that doesn't work out, I've also been teaching myself wildlife photography as a back up career, which brings me to the reason I post. I was lucky enough to take a few picture of a cheetah at a zoo I visited a few months ago (the same place I keeping for the day at) and I though you all might be interested in seeing them, so here they are:


Hope you like them :D (Incidently the rest of my pictures can be found here: http://jehuty-452.deviantart.com/)

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[14 Aug 2004|11:16pm]

Yay, a community specifically for lovers of Cheetahs :D

Okay a little about me, My name is TeeKay (TK) and for some time now cheetahs have been my favorite animals, although I honestly couldn't explain why, it's just everything about them. I'm actually planning a trip to South Africa at the moment to go work in the cheetah hospital there for a month (for planning, see: trying and mostly failing to save the money for the trip) and next month I'm going to a zoo to work as a big cat keeper for the day, which includes feeding the cheetahs.

So anyway, thanks for setting this place up :D
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[10 Aug 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | loving me some cheetahs ]

I love cheetahs. But i don't have a fursona. BUT YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS IF I DID IT WOULD BE A CHEETAH.

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hi! =3 [10 Aug 2004|03:44pm]

hey, just joined. sounds like an awesome community. cheetahs truly are beautiful animals, i hope to go to africa someday to see them in the wild. My fursona is a cheetah aswell, she's a black one though ;)
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[02 Aug 2004|12:08am]

Cheetahs are truly magnificent creatures. Their sleek bodies, the way they move... all the spots :) how can one not fall completely in love with cheetahs?
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Welcome post [22 Jun 2004|01:06am]

Welcome to the cheetah community.
Feel free to post anything about cheetahs.
I'm working on a layout, as this is soon to be a paid account.
Enjoy yourselves because cheetahs are the most wonderful animals.
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